BDSM Thigh Cuffs | Premium Heavy Duty Lockable Thigh Cuffs - Black & Purple

Premium Heavy Duty Lockable Thigh Cuffs - Black & Purple

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This set of thigh cuffs are handcrafted from heavy duty premium leather, lined with beautiful soft purple nappa leather and stitched. 

This is a serious set of cuffs made to last. One of our best sellers, and it’s easy to see why. 

Appointed with a lockable buckle and heavy duty D-Rings these are a set of true bondage cuffs made to last. 

If standard sizing doesn’t suit you, these cuffs can be made to size in any color combination of the leathers available in our store. 

Width of cuffs: 60mm (2.4”)
Small/Medium fits thigh circumference of 45-60CM (18” – 23.5”)
Medium / Large fits thigh circumference of 55-75CM (21.5” – 29.5”)
Enclosure: Lockable buckles
Thickness of leather: Multiple layers, approximately 4mm thick. 
Material: Leather & Steel