About Us

Mercy Industries is a premium leathercraft manufacturer located in Queensland, Australia. We design and hand make a range of leather products from the highest quality luxury leathers.

Our Story

In a world flooded with mass produced leather BDSM gear we found it increasingly difficult to acquire good quality products. We encountered restraints, gags, whips and harnesses; many pieces that were sold as being leather, but didn’t feel like leather, didn’t smell like leather and most importantly did not last like leather would (or even worse – broke during play!). 
We discovered that so much of this gear is made from reconstituted and processed materials where leather is merely added, and as such can legally be marketed as genuine leather. 
Real leather has a very distinct feel, smell and incredible strength and durability; and only gets more supple over time. 
We knew there had to be a better way. 
So Mercy Industries was born. We started with two products; a ball gag and a ball gag head harness. Today we have over 400 products and are adding to our line every month. 
You will see our range stretches from heavy duty black leather and steel bondage gear to a variety of beautiful colours of restraints, collars, harnesses and accessories with a selection of different hardware options.
Our values however will never change. All our gear is made from the finest real leather hides sourced almost exclusively from Australian small businesses. Our small team at Mercy Industries then cuts, sews and meticulously handcrafts each product with true care and a passion for BDSM. 
We love sending out each order knowing that our customers will be receiving an amazing product that will last for years to come.  
Thank you for visiting and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.