Lelo Enigma 2024 Review – Miss Tiff Puts It To The Test

Our good friend Miss Tiff has taken one for the team and kindly agreed to put the Lelo Enigma to the test! Let's see what she thought of this luxury toy...

From the moment you see the Lelo Enigma in its box you can just tell that this toy will be quality. I was not disappointed when I slid the Enigma out of its package and felt its silky smooth silicone. The Enigma is gorgeously designed and looks like it could be on display in a modern art gallery. I chose the black silicone model (it's also available in a beautiful dark pink – officially known as 'Deep Rose') which has a metallic pink and purple ombre back plate that gives it a stunning pop of colour. The Enigma is light but feels robust and very durable. 

The base of the Enigma looks quite a lot like the Lelo Sona Cruise 2, with an extension 'arm'. As with most Lelo toys the Enigma has a simple three button interface which makes it very user friendly, particularly in the heat of the moment! I was also very interested to see that the Enigma has a travel lock feature to stop any unexpected vibrating suitcase moments. For someone who travels with all kinds of bondage gear and toys this is a nice little feature to ensure you can keep things discreet. Although perhaps this could be a bit of fun public shaming for your sub making their suitcase vibrate... This actually reminds me of when my partner and I were moving house and at the time I was the manager of an adult store so had some of the overflow stock stored at home. I had packed a box (in hindsight) a bit too full of bottles of lube and just as the removalist was lifting it into the truck the bottom tore open and they all came cascading out – flavoured lube, anal lube, water-based, silicone, you name it there it was rolling around our driveway. Mouth agape the removalist locked eyes with my partner who ever the quick witted just shrugged and said “got to keep the Mrs happy”, and you know what – he ain't wrong there haha. I don't think I have ever seen a man blush quite as red as the poor removalist did, but I'm sure he is getting a kick out of telling that story.

Speaking of lube, as the Enigma is made from gorgeous velvety soft silicone, be sure to only use water-based lube as silicone-based lube will degrade the quality of silicone toys over time. My go to lube for toy play is the classic Swiss Navy Water-based Lubricant. I love the texture of the Swiss Navy lubes, they are long lasting, don't get sticky and are super easy to clean up. But back to the Enigma!

When trying to decide what I would be adding next to my toy collection the Enigma immediately had my attention with its advertised dual action G-spot vibrator and clitoral stimulation. One of my favourite things is riding a dildo gag (you can find my preferred one here) whilst using a vibrator, so I knew the Enigma would be right up my alley. I was also intrigued by Lelo's description of the Enigma's clitoral stimulation as “sonic waves”. I can find some types of clit stimulation toys like the classic rabbit style vibrators are too intense and a bit 'numbing' after a while; so the sound of sonic waves was alluring. I was not disappointed! The clit stimulation feels similar to that of the Womanizer or Satisfyer with pulsating waves that feel incredible. Add on to this the deep rumbly vibrations on your G-spot from the insertable end and you get a sensation that I have never felt before but keep coming back for time and time again.

I will say that initially there was a bit of a learning curve to get the positioning right of the inserted part of the Enigma and the clit stimulator to hit all the right spots, but once you become familiar with the toy and how it best fits your body shape it is a dream to use. I can at times with other toys find that my hand or wrist gets a bit sore having to hold them in awkward positions to get the best angles but I did not find this at all with the Enigma. Because of its design once I got the Enigma positioned correctly I can use it hands free, but even when I did hold on to it to experiment with different positions I didn't find it difficult at all.

I was surprised to see that the Enigma has a plug in charger port and initially I was worried that despite what it advertised this would result in it not being truly 100% waterproof. But I threw caution to the wind and pulled the Enigma out for a bath session and I'm happy to report that the Enigma is indeed 100% waterproof, so is the perfect companion for fun in the bath or shower.

The only downside that I found with the Enigma is that it makes me climax far too quickly. I'm sure this isn't a negative for many, but when half of the fun is drawing out your pleasure as a way to inflict suffering on a captive sub this can be a problem! While the Enigma has the option of eight modes/patterns and variable intensity it unfortunately does not an option to independently control the internal vibration separate from the clit stimulation. So if like me you love a good deep rumbling vibration but too much clit stimulation will send you over the edge the dual action of the Enigma might not make it your ideal toy unless you're after a quick road to a delicious orgasm. I did however discover that because the vibration arm is very bendy I can move it around to avoid clit stimulation when things are getting a bit too close and I'm not ready for the finale. Alternately if you are not in the mood for penetration you are also able to bend the arm enough to use just the clitoral suction and not have any part inserted.

One of the best features that I discovered the Enigma has is that it remembers which vibration pattern you last used before it's turned off. I absolutely love this feature as it saves me from having to cycle through all the vibration patterns to try to find the one I liked best every time I use it. Kudos to the designer who came up with this feature as I don't think I have come across it before in any other dual stimulator vibrators.

Overall the Lelo Enigma has become one of my favourite new toys. I adore the versatility of it in that I can happily use it solo and it's also easily able to be incorporated into fetish play. If you have a female submissive I imagine this would be a great toy for forced orgasms as it will stay in place with an appropriately restrained sub and is unrelenting in the earth shaking orgasms that it delivers.

Have you tried the Lelo Enigma? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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