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Are you gagging for gags?  

Shhhhh…. What better way to silence your submissive than by using a gag? Commonplace in the world of BDSM, gags are designed to prevent noise, including chat, laughter, and screams of pleasure (or pain)! Gagging to find out more? We can help you with that… 

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Why do kinksters use gags?  

Whether you’re an experienced BDSM player, or a nervous newbie just starting out on your kink journey, a gag could be the perfect addition to your scene. A form of power play, gagging involves the Dominant partner using a gag to subdue or mute the submissive.  

Gags are super-effective when it comes to stifling noise, so you can engage in naughty play without disturbing the neighbours. The submissive can only communicate via grunts, muffled noises, and signals, and the inability to speak can prove exhilarating. But gags aren’t just practical, they also look the part. If you’re a fan of fetish wear a gag is the perfect accessory, topping off your naughty outfit in true kink-style.  

There’s something very humbling about wearing a gag too. Having a ball stuffed in your mouth or your lips clamped open can lead to feelings of exposure and humiliation. You can’t help but feel a bit silly, and it doesn’t help that you end up with drool dripping down your chin.  

For some, the thrill comes from having something inserted into their mouth, and the challenges that go along with that such as not being able to eat, drink, or talk. Heck even breathing can be a chore when you’re wearing a gag!   


What makes a good gag? 

Not all gags are made equal, so it’s worth investing in a good product to ensure you get the quality you expect. Here’s what to look for in a gag: 

  •  Quality materials  
The best gags are made from quality materials. Forget faux leather, real    leather is the way to go for that unique smell and supple feel. Leather is also strong and will improve with age, but we suggest giving belting leather a miss as it can be tough and unforgiving. The best gags are made from luxuriously soft leather as the straps are pliable enough to gently hug the face and they can be secured as tightly as you like.   
  • Well-made balls, bits and rings  

As for balls and bits, where possible opt for non-toxic food-grade silicone (firm enough to feel but not too tough on delicate teeth). When it comes to metal O-rings, the ones wrapped in leather are the way to go if you want to avoid dental dramas. 

  • The right size   

When it comes to gags, size matters too. Gags often come in three sizes, small, medium, and large – so you can choose the best fit. That’s all well and good if you have an average-sized. head, but if your bonce is overly large (or small) you might struggle. Thankfully some manufacturers offer custom sizing and will produce personalised products to ensure a perfect fit.   

  • Stylish and unique looks 

Looks are important, and whilst there will always be room for traditional black, there’s nothing wrong with going off-piste with a red or even a purple gag? If you’re interested in forced feminisation (commanding a male to dress and act as a female) a pink gag could be just the thing. Gags can be embellished too, how about a black leather and rose gold gag? Rose gold hardware is bang on trend right now and looks impressive teamed with stylish black leather.   

  • Secure fastening  
    New or inexperienced players may prefer a gag with a standard buckle fastening, but for hardcore kinksters, a lockable gag takes play up a notch. 

You can purchase lockable gags that come complete with locks or you can add your own padlock. A word of caution, lockable gags aren’t for the faint-hearted, this type of play can be intense and is best suited to seasoned players. Make sure the key is handy and keep a pair of safety scissors nearby for quick release in an emergency – and to ensure you don’t end your session with a trip to the ED. 


Popular gag designs 

You’ll find an abundance of gags available on the market, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty and explore some of the most popular designs. 

  •  Ball Gag  

Arguably the most popular, the good old ball gag has been featured in erotic movies such as Fifty Shades and is the go-to for many kinky players. As its name suggests the ball gag has a smooth ball (usually made from plastic or silicone) to keep the mouth open. There are different designs, including single-strap gags and harness ball gags with double-head straps for a more secure fit.   

  • Bandit gag 

Sometimes referred to as the OTN (over-the-nose gag) the bandit gag is simply a covering that conceals the nose and mouth. Although it doesn’t do much for stifling noise, this one looks the part for role play damsel in distress or abduction scenes.   

  • Bit Gag 

Giddy up, the harness bit gag is perfect for those into pony play. The cylinder gag sits between the teeth and can be combined with horsy headgear such as a bridle, add to the scene by fitting your sub with a saddle, and horse-hair butt plug – and don’t forget your riding crop!    

  • Bone Gag 

Similar to a bit gag, with a bone gag the cylinder is bone-shaped, and works well to facilitate pet play. Mischievous pups can be silenced by placing the bone-shaped bit between their teeth. Very naughty pooches can also be caged, whilst good doggies can be played with and petted, tummy strokes anyone?   

  • Dildo Gag  

If you’re looking for the perfect way to close down one of your submissive’s holes a dildo gag will work wonders. Instead of a ball, bone, or bit the submissive bites down on a tasty dildo. Take things a step further with a dildo gag for the mouth and a dildo vibrator for downstairs.   

  • Ring Gag  

The ring gag favours a ring rather than a ball and is designed so the ring keeps the lips apart. The sub has no choice but to leave their mouth open for the Dom to insert whatever they wish. As we’ve mentioned, to protect teeth opt for a leather-wrapped ring rather than a metal one.    

  • Spider Gags  

Don’t let the name put you off, the spider gag sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but it can fun to use, although it’s a bit too extreme for newbies.  

Spider gags usually consist of a ring with curved “legs” attached. The legs hook to the lips and ensure the mouth stays open wide. A leather strap and buckle keep the ring firmly fixed in place.   

  • Head Harness Gag  

For a secure fit and a look that screams pure fetish try a harness ball gag, harness bit gag or harness ring gag. Harness gags embrace the head, ensuring the gag stays firmly in place, they also look very effective and are guaranteed to draw admiring glances if you venture to a kink event. Be warned, harness gags are best for those with BDSM experience.   

Gag awareness and safety  

Gags are great fun, but like all BDSM activities, you need to be aware of the risks and take precautions. If you’re new to gags start with a small ball gag or bit to get the feel of it, you can then progress to larger balls and bits, and dildo gags. Experienced players can indulge their wilder side with a strict head harness gag designed to restrict and confine. Always take note of the amount of time the sub spends with the gag in their mouth and be mindful of their need to take a break.  

It doesn’t matter if your new to kink or a scene veteran, play should always be SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual), and you should always negotiate the scene before you get started. Discuss your expectations, set boundaries and limits, and identify safe words and signals. Remember the sub won’t be able to speak properly, so shouting “red” will be a problem – identify a signal for “stop.”  

Always better to be safe than sorry, so you’ll need a discussion on health and well-being before any play. Gags are inserted into the mouth so respiratory problems such as asthma can be problematic. Colds can be an issue too, if you have a gag in your mouth the last thing you need is a blocked nose to make breathing even more difficult.  

Watch out for allergies, if the submissive is allergic to certain materials you’ll need to cross-check what the gag is made from to avoid any problems. You’ll also need to take into account any jaw or joint issues (small gags are advisable to combat this – we’ll talk more about gag size later). It’s also wise to be mindful of dental problems as metal spider or O-ring gags can be too harsh for those with delicate teeth.  

Finally, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway - when using a gag always stay in close proximity to the wearer. Be ready to remove the gag quickly and keep a pair of safety scissors to hand just in case. It’s also a good idea to think about how the submissive is positioned, if lying flat spittle will pool in the mouth and this could inhibit breathing. Ideally the sub should be upright, lying sideways or face down.  


Caring for your gag  

Have as much fun with your gag as you like, but you’ll need to look after your toy if you want it to last. Gags are inserted into your mouth, so cleanliness is important, after all who wants to suck on a dirty ball or wrap their lips around a mucky ring? Clean your gag immediately after use, it’s tempting to leave it languishing on your bedside table, but best to give it a good clean as soon as possible to remove any residue and keep your gag in tip-top condition.  

Are you gagging for it yet?  

Gags open up a world of play and are a great of enhancing sexual and BDSM fun. Finding new ways to engage with your lover can empower you, helping you to rediscover intimacy and reignite passions. Gags might seem extreme, but trying out new kinks allows you to explore your sexuality and could lead to hotter sex and knee-trembling orgasms.  

Here at Mercy Industries, we like to think we know a thing or two about ball gags and ball gag harnesses – after all they were the very first products back in 2010. We now boast over 400 products, from heavy duty leather and steel to beautiful restraints, harnesses, collars etc in a rainbow of colours.  

We may have grown but we haven’t lost our way. We still source the finest real leather hides from our valued partners – small Australian businesses who believe quality counts. Our modest, but very talented Mercy Industries team then cuts, sews and handcrafts each and every product with the care and passion our customers deserve.  

If you have any questions about our gag selection please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to assist!

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