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Premium Leather Ankle Cuffs - Pink

Premium Leather Ankle Cuffs - Pink

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These premium cuffs are made from three layers of leather, with luxuriously soft nappa leather on the outer layer. Now available in this beautiful pink color. 

This is a serious set of cuffs, extremely strong and made to last. There is no chance of your sub escaping from these! 

These cuffs are also particularly suitable to petite ankles due to the design where the soft leather wraps around easily. 

Appointed with a lockable buckle. 

No pictures can justify the quality feel of this item, you will not be disappointed.

Material: Genuine leather
Sizing: 17-31CM (6.5" - 12")
Width of cuffs: 60mm (2.4”)
Enclosure: Standard or optional lockable buckles. 
Thickness of leather: Multiple layers, the cuffs are approximately 4mm thick. 
Material: Leather